How do i figure out What ATI Graphic driver i need for my hardware on my computer?


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Joshdaslica :

I want to play this game called Ragnarok online but it keeps saying your ati graphic driver is not working properly.(I know this is stupid but i think i accidentally deleted the driver) So i went to download a new one but right when it was about to install it said that it was the wrong one for my hardware on my computer. Is there anyway i can find out what kind of specific driver i need?



Do you know what model of ATI graphics card you have?

Heres a link to ATI’s driver webpage.

computer dude101

You could always use an automatic driver update tool. This will identify all of the devices in your computer, including the video card, and locate the proper drivers for each device. Go to and get the free scan. I highly recommend running this at least once a month to make sure your drivers stay up to date. Keeping your drivers updated will ensure your computer runs at its peak performance and stability. This is especially important for games. Most people will go ahead and add this to their regular computer maintenance routine along with things like virus and spyware scans.

I hope it helps. Good luck with the game.

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