Does anyone know a good place to get PC repair certification online?

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Scott S :

I would like to start working on computers in my small community but it is hard to compete with someone who has a certificate saying they can repair PC’s when I do not. I don’t need much training, i have done a lot of research myself and I am self-taught on computer hardware, troobleshooting, etc. I’m still in high school so whatever I do it would have to be online or local (North Texas). I need somewhere that I can take a test or short coarse to get a certificate for PC repair in short.
Thx for any ideas/help.

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I’m taking a CompTIA A+ and Net+ class using material from. You can get the book from Amazon a lot cheaper though. I just took the first part of the certification test and I passed with flying colors. There are also a lot of study guides out there for the CompTIA tests as well as others. I’ve found the most helpful.

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