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Charlie Mcgnarley :

I need to find some questions and answers from an interview with a hardware engineer for computers of any type. I tried to contact one but I failed :/

Any help would be appreciated. I need questions with answers like, “How much would the average computer engineer’s salary be yearly?, and what are your favorite 5 things about your job? 5 worst?”

Stuff like that. I need it for a project soon, and I’m having a tough time finding that kind of thing online. My engineering teacher said this was okay, because he had a hard time finding a hardware engineer to contact too.

Please and thank you :)

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Kasey C

Here’s a hint:

Call up a large computer company’s Public Relations dept., say IBM, or Dell, and see if they have any one who can answer your questions.

If they don’t, call up Intel, Texas Instruments, National Semi Conductor, AMD, NVIDIA, and so on.

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