I would like to become a computer repair technician?


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Jahmyl E :

I am looking for either an online degree or local certification program in the minneapolis area. I would like to basically be a computer mechanic. Be able to fix computers both hardware and software. Like a computer Technician. I cant find any good information on computer repair. Any advise helps. Thank you.
You dont understand. I just need help finding a school. It isnt a career option for me. I would like to learn for the personal knowledge of how to fix a computer.


Robert D

It’s a low paid job. Get trained as a plumber.

y n

computer technicians are a dime a dozen. get a degree in engineering if you can . that is where the money is. we are graduating so many morons from these so called high schools that if you apply yourself you can get ahead. hard work is still the way to go.


He’s right. You’ll have to find something a little “higher” up, maybe go to become an office IT technician, for a corporate environment, not just a service/repairsman for the general public.

Mortal Wombat

Look in the training section. There’s something called an A+ certification if that’s what you’re looking for.

Personally however I would advise against setting this as a goal for a job. It’s a very end and not as ‘technical’ as you might imagine. You’d probably be better off learning plumbing like mentioned above, or maybe becoming an electrician. Those are much more mandatory jobs that are widely needed.

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