How difficult would it be to be successful doing computer training out of my home?

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homer742 :

I would like to do consumer-level computer training out of the large basement of my suburban home. I would also do onsite training. I would teach backups, file management, using malware-removal programs, MS Office, home networking, keeping kids safe online, basic hardware upgrades/repairs, using digital cameras/scanners/image editing, using the Internet better, etc. I have several years of experience teaching these things in a career college. I’ve found the career colleges to be a rip-off for students. I’m absolutely positive I could provide great training, I’m just concerned about the viability of this as a business.

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The best ability to determine viability is your ability to market yourself. Can you recruit enough students to make it worth your while? How will your students know you exist? If you can develop a mechanism to recieve referrals, its a great idea.

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