How do I connect my Verizon V3M Razr to my computer for FREE?

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Cuki2007 :

Here is my problem. I have the USB cable for my phone and I found the program that installs the phone to my computer online. My computer recognizes my phone as a USB modem and when it asks for the driver it installs it with no problems. After it installs the driver the computer then recognizes the phone as a Motorola V3C. It also begins to charge my phone through the PC. It than asks for software for the phone and when I press ok it doesnt find it and says “Cannot install this hardware”. Can someone tell me what Im missing and doing wrong? I checked everywhere online and downloaded a ton of drivers but none of them worked and YES I tried the Hack a Razr website that didnt work either. Please help me! :o (

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*Go to your start area, go to computer. There should be a place that says USB, click on it, There should be one that says ‘Mobile Device’ click on that. You should be able to connect it from there

Hope this helps : )

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