How to fix my computers hardware to accept my external Hard Drive?


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jonlauman :

I own a Maxtor 160gb hard drive that i was planning to use to put .mp4 videos on so i can view them on my ps3. I found out online for the ps3 to recognize the hard drive it is required to FAT32. I followed eHow’s directions but quit half way. Now when i connect the hard drive to the computer it does not recognize the hard drive. How do i fix this problem?
You can actually connect an external hard drive but like i said it has to be in a special format. I failed to mention what i did to screw this all up.

If you go to:

I made it up to step 2c then closed it. I really would just like to fix my computer so that it recognizes the hard drive (not really focusing on trying to make my ps3 recognizing it).



If you quit halfway through a delicate operation, you have probably screwed things up (like turning off your computer halfway through a Windows install). I know about connecting external hard drive to a computer (plug and play – recognizes it immediately) but I’m not sure external hard drives intended for connection to a computer were actually intended for connection to a ps3


You may have pulled the plug on the drive while it was still writing – always use the “safely remove hardware” icon to power down and disconnect the drive before removing it.

Try another USB plug. Use one on the back of the computer, it would be the best. This has been known to sometimes work.

Try to plug in the USB drive before you turn on the computer. Or if you’ve done that – try to plug in the USB drive after the computer is on.

Go to device manager , open the USB controllers ,
If you find one with a yellow check mark, uninstall it , then rescan for
hardware changes – Windows should reinstall the USB driver at this point.

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