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Nick C :

As the title indicates, I’m looking at upgrading my computer’s hardware for when Warhammer Online comes out. So far, I have an ATI Radeon 9100 Graphics card and 2 gig of ram that I’m satisfied with, but my computer is still pretty laggy when playing games. Should I look at upgrading the motherboard next? What would you suggest, and what procedure for doing so would you recommend?
It turns out that my graphics card is actually a Radeon 9250.


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Wait for the announced reccomended system specifications.


How big is your Hard Drive? If your hard drive is more than 75 percent filled up, your programs will take longer to execute. Further, do a disk fragmentation and clean up. 2 Gigs of RAM is really good enough and I am assuming you have a good CPU to match that amount of RAM.

Do these simple tasks first before dropping lots of money on unnecessary hardware.


More then likely it’s the videocard.

Looking at the rest of the EA games for PC and your videocard is near the bottom of the recommendations if it’s even on there.

It’s an online game, so you intenet connection/speed would make a difference too.

It’s nice to see someone actually put more ram in there system.


The Radeon 9100 isn’t really a gaming card, you don’t mention your cpu type but I’d say the card is probably your biggest problem.


Your graphics card is VERY SLOW. Putting that same card on a new motherboard would not improve things. You need a better graphics card. A 7300GS AGP or a 7300GT AGP would do wonders to your PC.

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