I think have a computer hardware issue?


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sean :

every time i boot up my computer after its been off for about 2 or more hours, it will ALWAYS crash when i log into windows (i am on windows 7 home edition)

usually i start up, things just load REALLY slowly and eventually i will get errors on all my startup programs like… skype has stopped working – reinstall, aim cannot load, then eventually windows explorer crashes

when i restart my computer, it sometimes tries to do a disk check for “consistancy”

when i finally get back onto my computer, i see this windows message:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:BlueScreen
OS Version:6.1.7600.
Locale ID:1033

Additional information about the problem:
OS Version:6_1_7600
Service Pack:0_0

Files that help describe the problem:

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i am almost positive it is a hardware issue, i had a LOT of issues when i first tried to format my computer (self-build, i am amateur this was first time building my own pc)

when i restart my computer after crash and get back on, everything works find and there are no problems

i’ve never seen this before… if anyone has any idea of my issue please post


ricardo o

Well to Truly make sure it is the hard drive, switch hard drives and if the new hard drive makes the computer run smoothly then it could be the other hard drive that made the error problems. One thing you should do is to do defragment and use the clean disk programs to clean any unnecessary items in your hard drive. their are files that scatter around the hard drive when something is installed and that makes programs load slower and by using defragment the files will be put in one location making the program load faster. The programs can be found in Start–> All programs –> Accessories
–> system tools and there you should see disk cleanup and disk defragmenter and click and run those programs.


I was just reading this, and it helped immensely. Your problem sounds horrible!

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