If I take my computer to a comper expert to check my hardware ,what could be found in my hardware?


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jessivrgs :

Please, If someone with computer knowledge can answer my question would be great.This is what I want to know , would everything I do online will be found there, like the pages I visit or my conversations on yahoo messenger, my e-mails from diferent accounts. I like chatting alot and I want to know if my messenges could be save on my hard ware, If you dont understand what am trying to say please e-mail me. Your reply would be appreciated, thanks.


Scott M

Yes. Everything you do on your pc is traceable. Even if you reformat the hard drive there is still information on it that can be retreived even though you think the hard drive has been erased. If you want to make sure 100% that the contents of the hard drive cannot be read, physically destroy the hard drive. ( Drillng holes through it, smashing it, etc.)

Uncle Red

Ya that is the drawback about taking the thing to the Best Buy GEEKS or in that matter anyone who works on laptops. It is a well known fact that if there is something private on your computer take it off or it will appear on the internet. or be added in the look what I found at the repair centers lunch table.


viruses and spam something like that


they would not be able to find that info, unless they were to go through the deleted files on your computer, and someone with the right software could do that. Just delete your “history” from all your browsers(if you use more than 1) and you should be fine.

They will not be able to see any of the other info as long as you delete all cookies from your browser, this will disable any auto login to those sites (including here) until you login again (then the cookies will come back, but you’ll need your password ect)

Hope that helps some.


if you have anything illegal, like child porn images and other sick stuff like that….don’t take your computer to a computer expert!!! The cops will be knocking on your door in no time.


No they wouldn’t even have a need to do any of that – sure it’s a possibility if you have a busy body poking around in there but their job only consists of fixing or diagnosing computer problems if you are concerned delete all your browser history, run disc clean up (you’ll find this under start accessories system tools) clean all unnecessary files (I use easy cleaner to do this but I see everyone suggesting CC Cleaner all the time so you could try either or).

Peter K

Everything you do leaves a trace. If you went to a dodgy site then the evidence will be all over the place. The cache and history will have everything in there.

Messenger won’t record the conversations unless you told it to. Webmail might be visible in the cache. POP3 mail will be in your email client.

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