Has anyone about computer hardware from RadioShack?


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Things like RAM, Video cards maybe not from ONLINE but from a local store. Do you know if you can return the item? Have you.. I looked on the site but it only says that if you buy online you are able to return but they don’t mention if you buy at the store. Also the return exceptions are anything besides software, games, etc so
Would i be able to return RAM or in other words computer hardware.. with reciept and orginal packaging?..


The BrandO

You can probably return it, but there is most likely a 15% restocking fee. They may test it first to see if it still works (if you’ve opened it). Try calling the retailer and ask them.




Call Radio Shack and ask them

Glenn B

Most places will not take RAM back if it has been opened due to is extream sensitivity to static electricity. Good Luck

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