Where do I take good computer training classes? (Online classes?)?

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Justin :

I am wondering if there are any decent online courses that would look good on my resume for computer technician work or something similar in that field.
I know that there are certain certifications that are required for Microsoft but not sure how to go about getting those.
I know a fair amount about hardware and software of Macs and PCs but want to take the knowledge further and get a job in the repair and maintainence area of computers.
So I am wondering what the best way of going about this is.

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Ron M

I think tutorials are a great way to “take a class” om any aspect of computing.

For example if I wanted to learn EXCEL I would go to google.com and type


You would get at least a half dozen, all FREE, the best from universities who offer such courses as public relations

However, if you want some general computer free courses here are a few that might appeal to you:

learn.co.uk (scroll to computer lessons)

Hope this helps. Much good luck

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