I have a few computer questions that I need to fill out for an online volunteer position.please help?


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Sarah Jane :

OK-the operating system is Microsoft Windows XP-right?
It’s the home edition.
Then when I
look in the control panel it says this-
Version 2002 Service Pack 3
the rest of it is
Intel (R)Pentium( Dual CPU
E2160@6H 1.79 GHZ

1.79 GHZ o.996Bof

Is this the answer to the question what is your computer hardware specifications and computer software specifications?



Software is Windows XP. Hardware is “the rest of it” – 1,79GHz CPU, and some amount of RAM that comes after that (996MB, maybe? If it is, say 1GB – the difference doesn’t matter.)


If there asking for your specs just put

Windows XP
Intel Pentium Dual core E21606H 1.79 GHZ 1.79 GHZ

then include the RAM

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