Victor D :

I built my own computer using parts from It was working fine, but I now believe that I have some sort of hardware problem. When I’m editing movies, I constantly get blue screens and its hard to work. And when I’m playing this multiplayer game online with my friends, my computer just shuts off randomly. And when I’m tryin to install this other game, I cant finish the installation because I always get a bluescreen before it has the time to finish. So I believe those are pretty clear indicators of some sort of hardware problem. Please tell me what to do. I tried reinstalling vista and updating my video driver already.

HK3738 (linketh):

I have a Dell Inspiron 8600, recently formatted the hard drive because of repeated errors. How I got those is another long story. Nonetheless after re-installing windows, I have a feeling that they may have given me the wrong drivers. The original CD that came with the system was not working right, so one technician help me download some drivers from the dell website.

Question is how can I determine what hardware do I have, e.g. NVIDIA card type? is there an online tool that helps evaluate the hardware characteristics? Can I do this somehow with my system offline?

I will appreciate help in this regards,
Thanks guys, this did help. I got my answer. Please vote since you were almost all helpful, I can only pick one!

Dane S :

Anyone good with computer hardware (graphics card) and ubuntu video issues?
I have an older computer (amd duron 950MHz, 640MB RAM, 16MB video card, etc.) and when I installed win xp it wouldn’t let me use any of the 3 legit xp keys that I have on other machine’s stickers. I called windows support and they wouldn’t give me a key because I’m not using the same processor that came with the computer I originally bought for one of the keys (the other processor burned up.) Sooooooo rather than spend all day trying to find a legit key or keygen w/o viruses, I decided to give ubuntu a try. It’s alright, I guess. But the video is very, very choppy/laggy. The only video that seems to play smoothly is old mpegs that I’ve put on cds a long time ago. Youtube runs super slow. So I bought a used ATI Radeon 9200se AGP 128MB. When I installed it, all I see is tons of pink and green lines and eventually the screen goes to blank.

1. do you think my “new” video card is burned up or has bad ram?
2. is the slow video on ubuntu (youtube – flash -, dvd’s, etc) a result of a 16mb card or something else?
3. will my power supply (300W) support my system specs with a new video card? (currently have 3 pci cards, cd drive, dvd burner, floppy, 20 mb hd…)

Thanks to anyone who can help me with any or all of these questions. I have been reading online for hours to no avail.
I will def check out linux mint. Thanks!
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I’m not sure how I could install the new drivers for that card b/c 1. i can’t find them anywhere and 2. i can’t see the screen to install them, even if i had them.

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Jahmyl E :

I am looking for either an online degree or local certification program in the minneapolis area. I would like to basically be a computer mechanic. Be able to fix computers both hardware and software. Like a computer Technician. I cant find any good information on computer repair. Any advise helps. Thank you.
You dont understand. I just need help finding a school. It isnt a career option for me. I would like to learn for the personal knowledge of how to fix a computer.

Your female body is special. It can do some amazing things. One of the most amazing is that it has the ability to give birth to tiny human beings. However, having a baby is not something that you can do if your body isn’t healthy. Especially if your female reproductive organs have issues that may not be easily noticed by you. Luckily, you have options when choosing a Singapore gynaecologist. Some of the most highly trained doctors are available for you to choose from. You simply need to find one that you can trust.

Your Female Body

A woman’s body is always changing. Hormones go crazy and things that were at one time right, may not be right now. This may include a menstrual cycle that was normal a couple of years ago and now seems too heavy or too irregular.  It can also be that intimate times with your partner were once enjoyable, but now you feel only pain before, during, or after. You may have discovered that you are carrying a little secret inside your womb and feel that you need to provide the best care that you can for it. Your body is mystical and wonderful. It should only be treated by someone who understands it to the fullest.

Your Choice in Specialists

Whether you need a care provider that provides obstetrics or gynaecology services, there are great options in Singapore. Some even have certifications that allow them to practice in other areas of the world. They can provide services such as caesarean sections, vaginal deliveries, and even vaginal birth after caesareans. If you choose a gynaecologist that is a part of the “Society for Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology of Singapore”, you can go to them for all aspects of your body’s health. They can even provide you with treatments for cervical disease or cancer screenings.

Explore Your Healthcare Options!

When choosing a Singapore gynaecologist, you never have to settle. There are some doctors who feel that it is your body and you should be in control of it. You can be treated with respect for your choices, regardless of what choices you are trying to make regarding your body. Whether its treatment or prevention of HPV, support for your post or pre-menopausal body, or just a general health screening to make sure you are at your healthiest; your doctor is there to support you in every way possible. If you can find that doctor, you will be a healthier, happier, woman.

Till recently, there has actually not been a lot that mothers-to-be might do while they were pregnant to ensure that their little one would have the ideal possible beginning. Today, however, points are transforming, and pregnancy insurance Singapore protects infants prior to their birth.

Defense for Maternity

Every infant faces specific threats while they are inside their mommy’s womb. There are difficulties that could happen to either the mommy or their coming child. A few of them are avoidable. This is why you should eat best and also not smoke while pregnant. Other issues are not so easily avoided. Just what do you do if your kid does not create effectively while they remain in the womb? Exactly what takes place if you establish pre-eclampsia? A lot of times, typical medical insurance will certainly not cover problems that emerge prior to a child is birthed. Pregnancy insurance coverage does secure your kid by giving them insurance coverage for all the unexpected genetic diseases that might occur during pregnancy.

How Much Time Does Coverage Last?

When you listen to the term, “maternity” you might picture that it is created to cover the 40 weeks that a lot of women are pregnant. However, this insurance coverage covers much more. It is available to safeguard your coming youngster prior to they are born and afterward, till they have their Fourth birthday celebration. This makes certain that if there is a late diagnosis of a congenital ailment, your baby will still be covered, as well as you could still get help with medical expenses.

What Is Covered?

At this time, many maternity insurance policy Singapore agencies will certainly cover around 10 complications during pregnancy that happen more typically compared to you may recognize. Goes on that can be linked to your maternity, you and also your little bundle are covered.

Singapore is a busy area that is quite large. Commuting to work each day and running errands around the city can be time consuming. Who has time for it? With our busy lives; we barely have time for family and friends. For that reason, a lot of condominiums are offering more things on the property that will help you spend more time at home. How much would you enjoy having everything you need in one Singapore CBD property?

Life at Home

With a Singapore CBD property, it is possible for you to have easy access to stores and restaurants. They have parks for you to enjoy and gyms for you to work out in. They offer a lot of conveniences that older properties may not provide. This helps you be able to stay at home more, spend more time with your family, and not have to worry about going out every weekend running errands. Some of them even offer grocery stores for you to use. It is your own personal shopping area that you share only with the people who live in your building. Can you think of anything better than that?

Working from Home

A lot of people have started working from home since it does enable them to avoid some of the daily commutes and hassles of going to the work place. The CBD properties that are available now are slightly more appealing to those who want the regular job, but also want it closer to home. There are some people who are lucky enough to live, work, and play on the same property. There are condos with attached office buildings. You can work at home and live your life in the same area.

Enjoy Your Life

By living and working in the same areas, you can live the life that you love. You can have everything you need in one place. These condos have beautiful properties with waterfalls, swimming pools, exotic plants, and everything else that are typically forgotten in the larger cities. These properties are a favorite among most people because they offer a little bit of paradise amid the hustle and bustle. Even those that are properties with office spaces, you never truly feel as though you are in the middle of a city. This enables you to enjoy your life just a little bit more, every day.

Of all the different languages spoken in our world, mandarin is perhaps one of the hardest to learn, unless you are born in a Chinese speaking area. It is hard enough that it can take an adult approximately 3 years to master. There are so many characters within the Mandarin language and most of them look similar, but mean different things. Is it any wonder children have a harder time learning? That is why there are classes available to them and here are other reasons that all children should take kids mandarin classes.

Fun and Learning Combine

In a kid’s mandarin class, kids have a unique opportunity to learn while they are having fun. They spend the day playing games, creating crafts, socializing with other similar aged kids, and learn while doing it all. This is much better than the traditional way of teaching mandarin, because in the past, most kids had to sit while it was drilled into their minds. The new and improved teaching methods make it possible for them to learn without ever having to learn.

Great Teachers

Most of the teachers in these classrooms are dedicated to teaching fun while they teach Mandarin. They have small classrooms and provide a lot of one on one attention to each child within their class. The motto that they all share is that they do not teach a child, but allow them to learn. Most kids who attend, have a positive experience and learn all that they need within a yearlong school enrollment.

Versatile Learning Programs

The yearlong school is designed for children that are between 8 months and 16 years, but that is not the only option people have. If you are an adult who needs to learn as well, there are afternoon and evening programs for you to attend. These programs are perfect regardless of your skill level and most will fit around your busy schedule.

This School Is Recommended by Many

Our school uses a learning program that was designed by a parent who wanted to help her child learn. She succeeded in half the time of traditional programs that were available. Upon hearing this, other parents wanted their kids to learn as sought out her help. Then more parents came and a school was born shortly thereafter. It was a school that hired on more teachers and acquired more students. It has proven itself over the last several years to be an effective way of learning mandarin. Children that have been through the program learns quickly and can effectively speak Chinese well enough to commutate with others in the community.
In short, there are many reasons you should enroll your child in our mandarin classes. Whether they already have a basic knowledge of it or they are seeing mandarin for the first time, we can make it so that they are learning quickly and they will discover all of the basics within a few weeks. The rest of the term is designated to improving their basic communication skills.

thushni p :

Supose you do not have any computer related hardware or software at home and you have $2000 to buy them. Please write what would you buy and why?

You either can travel to a computer store to get the prices or you can shop online.


i have an IBM computer and i put a bigger hard drive in it and put the old hard drive online for sale can you help me.

What are some resources for free computer hardware and software learning?

blackbane : If you wish to learn online about pcs in depth, what would you use as some free resource locations (videos or printable text)

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What kind of software does the GeekSquad at Best Buy use to diagnose your computer and can you find it online?

some guy : When you go to the GeekSquad at Best Buy they charge atleast 69 or up to 200 dollars in some places for a diagnostic and all they do is run some software that finds out where the problem is. I don’t have that kind of money and I need a way to [...]

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